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"Fantasy" by Aldo Nova

(Words/Music: Aldo Nova, Album: Aldo Nova, Portrait Records 1981)

Aldo Nova was part of the early 80s Canadian Rock invasion along with Loverboy and Saga and looking to carry on the tradition of Triumph, April Wine, Chilliwack and, of course, Rush. This was one of the first songs that I really liked and it would end up predicting the direction of my musical taste toward something my best friend referred to as a symphony of guitars. I also remember hearing rumors that the entire beginning of the song (which was not included in the radio edit, but I managed to capture on a cassette tape somehow) was performed entirely by Aldo Nova on his guitar. While I’m fairly certain that is just a rumor (especially because of the helicopter sounds), at the time I thought even the possibility of it made him a guitar god to whom I paid homage by playing air guitar in my room and wishing I could play like him. I was absolutely certain that Aldo Nova was the greatest guitarist on the radio (at that point, radio stations rarely played anything heavier than Led Zeppelin) and really wanted more songs from him that were as cool as “Fantasy.” But that was not to be. Like many bands of the 80s, he managed one big hit and a string of other promising songs and albums. Eventually, Aldo Nova would slip entirely behind the scenes and work as a producer and songwriter, which he still does today. I suppose that at some point he may be coaxed into a reunion tour or reunion concert featuring all of the great Canadian 80s bands. But that may be just a fantasy. 

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