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“Too Much Time on My Hands” by Styx

(Words/Music: Tommy Shaw, Album: Paradise Theatre, A&M Records 1981)

I started listening to Styx during their Paradise Theatre era and “The Best of Times” and “Too Much Time of My Hands” quickly became some of my favorite songs even though they were so different. I liked how “The Best of Times” started slow but built in intensity while with “Too Much Time on My Hands” I enjoyed the conclusion with the clocks and alarms, the stuttering chorus, and the overall sing-alongableness (I made that word up). I think that at an early age, I could appreciate the diversity of the group, and this was before I ever heard songs like “Come Sail Away” and “Babe” and before the release of Kilroy Was Here with “Mr. Roboto.”

I wanted to write about “Too Much Time on My Hands” for my 80s day for a few weeks now, but figured it would be most appropriate today since I am on Spring Break. I know most people look forward to Spring Break and vacations in general as a change of pace to the hectic lifestyle they lead. I, however, look forward to it as a way of catching up on movies, music, and, due to the timeliness of the break, a chance to watch a LOT of hockey. In my description on most social networking sites, I refer to myself as “an English teacher, a media junkie extraordinaire, and keeper of useless facts.” For most of the year, I focus on the English teacher part, but this week, I will be focusing on the others because I will have “Too Much Time on My Hands.” And maybe this week I will “solve the world’s problems without even trying.” Hey, you never know.

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