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Songs of Summer – Day 8

“Rain in the Summertime” by The Alarm

(Words/Music: The Alarm, Album: Eye of the Hurricane, IRS Records 1987)

It’s the kind of day with a dripping wet heat that is so invasive that it seems to actually seep out of every one of your pores; so pervasive that it surrounds you and herds you toward a room or two of slightly cooler air; so oppressive that it takes away your will to eat, not because you don’t want to turn on the hot stove, but because you just don’t feel like moving at all – moving to get up, moving to open the fridge, moving to chew. And then you hear it - outside, somewhere far away like a dream - a crack. Thunder. And its promise of rain. And relief, even if only temporary, from the heat of the summer. That’s the heat and the relief that Mike Peters was singing about in “Rain in the Summertime.”

Only there’s a twist in the form of an extended metaphor which presents his passion for his lover as the heat of summer. And while this isn’t the first time love and heat have been compared to each other, it does take a slightly different twist when they introduce the idea that the attainment of this love has soothing and relieving qualities to it like a rain shower on an oppressively hot summer day. Even the song itself is set up to provide relief in a way. The lyrics of the verses are filled with harder consonants (C,D,B,T, etc.) as compared with the soft and more soothing consonants (L,R,N,M,S, etc.) and the music takes a slightly softer turn as well. All of this adds up to a great rock song about the passion, love, heat, and rain - a perfect song for the summer.

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